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I am a top selling realtor in Temecula specializing in enhancing a property’s value, bringing 29 years and more of real estate experience, and my unique expertise of personally flipping millions in real estate. Therefore, as a top selling real estate agent, I understand when and where to spend money on a home to maximize its value. More essentially, I know when it’s best not to, so as to maximize financial outcomes. I prefer to use my negotiating talents and experiences to handle most situations for my clients instead of getting into a costly remodel, which rarely pays off.

As one of the area’s top selling real estate agents and with so many properties for sale in Temecula, I will be glad to share my experience and expertise with you and offer recommendations to maximize your home’s value before you list your homes for sale.

Properties for sale in Temecula are in high demand, and as a top selling realtor in Temecula, I specialize in maximizing a property’s value. With my unique and extensive 29 years of history in real estate, I put my years of experience flipping hundreds of homes to work for you. I understand when and where to spend money on a home to maximize its value. I have the experience and knowledge that few others in the real estate industry can match. When you’re selling, it could cost you thousands if you do not use a top selling real estate agent like myself to maximize your value.

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Frequent Sellers Mistakes I See

  • With so many properties for sale in Temecula – listing properties before they’re ready is a huge mistake. A property needs to exhibit its best from day one if you’re looking to maximize your price.
  • Sellers who make it difficult to show their home should remember you want someone to buy your home. The easier it is to show, the quicker a sale can occur.
  • One of the most common mistakes I see is overpricing a property. However, this is a great way some agents get prospective clients excited to list with them. The reality is that the property’s valuation is the value of the property compared with recent sales that have transpired in that area. The comparative condition and extras a property may offer, such as a modernized kitchen or a pool – and of course market trends, and the number of listings in the area all play a part in deciding the final listing price.
  • Properties for sale in Temecula will receive maximum exposure in the first few days, narrowing off over the first few weeks. This is why it is so important that everything is right the day you list it. Price, showing availability, and the condition of the home must be in order.

Unfortunately, once a property sits on the market for many weeks, it often becomes stale. Stale properties normally get dramatically fewer showings and often need price reductions. Sellers get frustrated and are inconvenienced, continually trying to keep their home clean and tidy for occasional showings. Planning your future becomes very challenging, as it feels your home may never sell.

It’s possible you’ll get a low-ball offer. You believe you have no other option but to take it. When it eventually sells, you end up getting a much lower price than you expected. All this unnecessary aggravation and lost profits are conceived by not understanding the market conditions and not pricing your home perfectly.

Experienced top selling real estate agents often start with a much lower offer on a property that has been listed for a longer period than they would with the latest listing, which places the seller on the back foot in all negotiations. This does not imply you should under-price a home, but that your property requires to be priced perfectly. The thing that makes a difference is an experienced agent who can negotiate the best terms and set the right price for his clients.

The buyer’s number one concern with properties for sale in Temecula is the price. Still, other negotiations that are often forgotten by many Temecula real estate agents can also make a big difference to you. Do you want a quick-close, or do you require more time? Do you wish to lease-back? Do you want to move out in two days after close? Is there an item you wish to retain? We will discuss what is essential to you and will do my best to get it.

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